Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prayag has a blog - FINALLY!

Hey there

For a while now, Prayag has been toying with the idea of starting a blog. But given that the professional ‘writer’ in the band is a notoriously lazy bastard, the idea has been eating dust.

So finally we have decided to write it as a collaborative effort.

Of course, the immediate trigger is our last gig at the NM College festival, Umang 2008, in Mumbai, on Saturday, August 16, a day after the 61st anniversary of India’s independence.

A fresh line-up and some new songs meant that we had a blast in the 40 minutes we were onstage.

Yes, Mukut Chakravarti joins us on keys for the foreseeable future, and his infectious energy rubbed off on the band as we played four and a half songs; two of our own and two and a half ‘crowd-pleasers.’ The half being a rocked out rendition of RD Burman’s Jaaneja dovetailed into the back of Strings’ Duur. We also played our original Naya Savera (words and music by Swapnil, our bassman) for the first time ever live, and it was exhilarating. The other original we played, Raaste, went down great with the crowd as always, with Viru’s powerhouse drums driving many a ‘head-banger’.

Pranab, our singer, had a severe encounter with a fierce dosa the night before, and had spent all of the night and most of the morning battling it out in (water)loo. But for those 40 minutes, he forgot his illness and transformed into the machinehead of the band that he is. He ran into the crowd -- which seemed pleased with us, judging by the reaction to our set-starter, a cover of Rock On – and across the stage as if nothing had happened.

After the gig, he returned to his (water)loo.

There were three bands in an evening billed as a ‘tribute to Indian rock’. There was Wehem, from Pune, who started off proceedings high on enthusiasm and not so high on experience, and the delightful Shor Bazaar. It’s good to see Hindi bands writing intelligent – and diverse, because Shor Bazaar’s decidedly punk attitude is as far from our sound as you can get -- Hindi songs.

A note of thanks is a must for the Umang 2008 team. Nirav, Akanksha & Team, thanks for all the help. Stupendous effort, and great organization, all you guys. You made us feel good, and we hope our music made you feel good.
Pratik, thanks for telling us that playing 2nd at Umang is the best option and actually getting us that slot. It helped for sure. We appreciate that.

The sound people, we thought, were excellent too. And believe us, there’s nothing that can turn a show into a nightmare faster than bad sound. Sumit, the nitpicker who is also our guitar man, found his amp wired the wrong way and they changed it in a jiffy.

We’ll say ciao for now, and if you want, you can check the videos of Rock On and Raaste (just Google Prayag Umang) live at Umang 2008, though the handycam as usual plays havoc with the sound.

We’ll be back as soon as we have something coherent to say.


Prayag (www.prayagzone.com)

p.s: Incidentally, after the Umang show, someone scribbled on our website’s guest book, and said that we should have done covers of Slayer, Lamb of God and others. Sure, dude, we say; we’ll do that as soon as we form a death metal outfit :-)

OK enough, here are a couple of no-AV-quality-at-all videos from the gig:


Rock On cover:

We leave you with this beautiful collage of the Umang gig shot & created by our friend Anisha. A BIG THANKS to her.

Enjoyy and come back for more laterzz!

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Naveen said...

Nice guys!!Its really good to see a blog of Prayag. It will surely help prayag fans to know a bit more. Anyway i hope there will be more people who will be viewing this regularly.

Till then

Keep Rocking.

Sajiv said...

hey guys good to see your blog

rock on mates

The Doc said...

Wohoo! Finally, I see somebody else taking the pains to maintain a blog for a band!

By the way, couldn't help but notice - Punk? That's something that I haven't noticed yet!

Interesting - Punk Hindi Rock!

Cheers guys! Keep on blogging!


Deviant Attempt said...

Hey Doc,

Thanks! It took us long to realize the need to have a blog! :)

Will be long before we understand how best to do it and may be you can help :)

The punk thing - yea man! Bring it on!



The Doc said...

I thought your entry was brilliant. Right on. And I think you are not going to need any help.

You know something, we forgot to play the 'punkiest' number at Umang.

The Doc

The Doc said...

Oh, one more thing. Link your site up at the blog header or somewhere. And there are millions of templates to work with.

Your website, by the way, kicks ass too! I'm jealous now.


The Doc (KK)

Deviant Attempt said...

Ask us about not getting to play some of our neat tracks too :(

Neways, whats it about linking the site up at the blog header? Like mention the website address somewhere upfront?


Annie said...

once again all over in love with Prayag!!
absolutely loving this Blog ...
can ur fans have more of ya...plzzz!! Muah!!

Deviant Attempt said...


Where on earth are ya pleezzzz!

You know you've got a fan in me too - ur photography kills!!!

Keep checking this blog for more :)

Spread the word :)



Ganesh said...

Happened land here from your website.
Wonderful music. Looking forward to listen to new songs.
If possible do provide link to your music through itunes so ppl like us can buy from there.

Deviant Attempt said...

Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for visiting and thanks for the suggestion (which we think is a superb one!)

We'll get on i-tunes ASAP and let you know!