Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some pictures from the Umang gig

OK. So Anisha finally managed to hand over some pictures of the gig. So here we go...they make us much more than nostalgic!

Sumit KILLS IT! The guy on the lights mis-times the focus on him but that doesn't stop Anisha from capturing the moment perfectly...

Mukut captivates all attention as he amazes everyone with his 'Signature' jigs!

Viru, still wondering why he plays with us (when he's born to only SET THE DEMONS FREE) LOL!

Swapnil on his own trippy digression:

Ah yes, and that's Pranab, hopping, skipping, jumping and making stupid errors on the microphone (like taking our ex-president's name incorrectly really did go unnoticed) :)

Basically, put us all together and this is what we become! Jhintaakly full of emotions on stage! :)

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Another special thanks to Sunil from for helping us develop and maintain that uber-cool website up there!

Until our next post, take care!

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