Friday, September 5, 2008

Prayag on Bombay Times

Well this one's kinda old news now, but we thought it'd be great to share the piece with those who've just started following this blog.

was featured in the prestigious Bombay Times (thanks Dhaval) a while ago.

Just visit the first link to read online or download the PDF directly onto your Desktop by clicking the second. Read through if you will. We promise a decent read :)


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Snigdha Shevade said...

Nice to know this Swapnil!! Indeed a Rock-ing news!! :-D
Rock on dudes!!! Saw your website too!!! Very many wishes!!! :-)

Love and luck!!

The Doc said...

Can't help but comment on your blog! I want to tell you that honestly, I think you have gained one a lot of months back - back in RC Live! Someone who keeps on blogging! ;)

The Doc

Deviant Attempt said...

Didn't really get that Doc! 'Gained one at RC Live?' (Pardon my F%$#@ed memory, I cant seem to relate) :(


Deviant Attempt said...

Doc! Whenever you read this...

I got this one 8 hours later...

THANKS and shucks ME!