Monday, December 22, 2008

Prayag's Jamshedpur trip - an account

Jamshedpur rocks!

Yo and behold, we are back from Jamshedpur after a very tiring but equally exhilarating four days.
First things first, we had a blast playing at the Steel City, thanks to the very warm people and the amazing hospitality we received everywhere we went. All you guys, thanks a lot for taking such good care of us.

But, initially, we were very, very apprehensive.

The reason: We got to know when we reached the venue – Tata Auditorium in the XLRI campus – that we were playing for a school programme. Loyola School was hosting Tamanna, a musical evening, and our performance was preceded by a full on annual day kind of performance, with the hall packed with parents.

All of us winced, convinced that the first blast of Prayag’s rock assault would send half the audience home. How wrong we were proved!

The amazing students of Loyola School & XLRI were one of the best audiences we have played to. The nearly 1,500-strong crowd sang along with us on the covers, and appreciated our originals even more!

A word is also a must for the astoundingly talented students who performed before us. Guys, we at Prayag salute you. The a capella version of A R Rahman’s Ma Tujhe Salaam gave usgooseflesh. And our jaws dropped when we saw just how well all of the students sang, how polished their performances were, how versatile they all were.

As far as our own performance was concerned, yes, we were not very satisfied with the sound; the sound ‘engineer’ who was handling the mixer needs a new job and fast. But the sheer energy of the crowd drove us into giving our best – Sumit kept running into the crowd, showing off his newly acquired wireless -- even though all we could hear on stage was a treble-high mess of sound.
Outside, it turned out, things were better. Thank god.

After the show, we were overwhelmed. The crowd was chanting “Prayaaag, Prayag” as if egging on Sehwag for a six! And we were just floored with the kind of intelligent appreciation and inherent knack for music everyone showed.

We were treated to drinks next day at Beldih Club, and we played a great game of cricket with some of the boys inside XLRI. Both Sumit and Pranab are claiming that they top-scored, but it was Swapnil – the man who never smiles was grinning ear to ear, so you know what kind of an overwhelming experience Jamshedpur was – who stunned us all with his bowling skills.
We would love to be back, Jamshedpur. Thanks a ton for inviting us.

We also had a blast on our return journey, but we’ll get to that in the next post. Keep watching this space.

p.s: We are now looking for a Sound Engineer who knows our sound and is ready to travel wherever the band goes. Prior experience is welcome, but not compulsory. What is a must is that the person should know what to do to deliver the Prayag sound in any set-up. Write to us if you think you have what it takes.

Leaving you with a few pictures. More pictures are awaited & will post and when we receive them.

After a victorious bowling spell...we saw him smile...again!!

That didn't go for a six (the next one did)...

Our wicket keeper friend wondering if the bowler knew what was going to hit him. (Thank God I'm handling the blog for now)

Ummm....OK. Looks more like a pose for the camera than cricketing stance though ;p

And finally! The most ignorant 'Umpire' we've ever come across!

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prayag live @ XLRI Jamshedpur

Okay, so at a time when India is seething with anger - at our completely useless politicians, at the brazen attacks on our pride, at the hypocrisy of the world in advising restraint to us when they have themselves destroyed many countries as revenge – Prayag is off to the XLRI School of Management, Jamshedpur, to play on the 13th of December.

But then, what is music if not soul-balm.

We have reason to be excited, because this is the first time we will be playing with two guitars - (Naveen is back!!) – and a keyboard! We plan to do all our originals, plus some new covers, so it should be pretty exciting.

We also hope to unveil two new songs of ours, Bas Karo and Daud.

Now, if we can only get some practice in with our hectic schedules.

We'll let you know how it went; watch this space & wish us luck.


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