Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surat, rocking chhe!

Too hectic a schedule, great sound, not so great accommodation, new songs and a whole lotta laughter marked the hectic Prayag gig in Surat on February 14. The huge poster in Citylights area of the diamond city declared “Prayag, straight from Mumbai.” 

And it was bang on target, because we drove into Gujarat without even a pit stop for breakfast. We were sleep-starved – Sumit, who stays up all night every Friday in office, went without sleep for 48 hours, the rest of us got barely an hour’s sleep and Viru came straight from Bangalore, where he had a gig – hungry and desperately needed some rest, but the organizers would have none of it. We were shepherded to a radio station where Sumit was handed a guitar -- he swears it was played last by Akbar the great -- for a radio interview. 

After that we were taken to an apology for a hotel for a quick shower and then straight to sound check. Thankfully, the sound was great.

And the real heroes of the Surat gig were Alex D’Souza, our new sound engineer, and Amish Shah, who joined us on rhythm guitar and backing vocals duties. Amish plays with Mumbai-based Hindi rock band Talaash, and he was a revelation! With just a day’s hasty run through, he pulled off all the songs with √©lan, and got the crowd roaring in appreciation with his fluent Gujarati. And we also did some songs on the spot onstage, just because he knew them. We’re not letting go of him in a hurry!

And another star was photographer par excellence Anisha Crasto, who makes us look so good through her magical camera eye.

The gig was of course the usual Prayag affair, with about 500 Surtis rocking along, demanding that we never stop.

We also had a great time after the gig at Amish’s friend Russell’s house, where we were treated to Surat-style Pav Bhaji and a lot of fun.

We love you, Surat, and would love to be back. Just please keep in mind we are human beings, not machines, and need some rest.

Oh and we also had a great time checking out the misspelt signboards: 2 ‘bad’ AC rooms and 2nd foolr are just two examples.

Next up is Pune, where we are playing at Cummins’ College on February 20. See you there!

Here are a few pictures for you:

Amish saved the day - and in style!

Now this was a first even for us...

For once, he didn't look light-starved

Those who actually did most of the singing that evening :)

Next Gig: Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune (20th Feb; 6:30 PM)



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