Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rocking along with girl-power!

Admit it, playing in front of hundreds of screaming women has to rank high on the wannabe rock stars' fantasy list. For us, that fantasy was realised February 21 when we played at the Cummins’ College of Engineering for Women in Pune.

And boy, did the girls know how to rock!

It was a dream playing to the super - charged audience - though the sound system was a nightmare – that did an enthusiastic two-minute countdown before we took the stage.

And what pleases us most is the very warm reception our own compositions have been getting wherever we play – Cummins was no exception.

We also met the Cummins college band, an all-woman outfit that deserves special mention. Rock on, girls!

Looking ahead, we are set to revisit Pune soon, plus there are some shows coming up in Mumbai. Watch this space or follow http://prayagzone.com/tour.html

We wish to post some pictures of the lovely gig, but are a little tired of doing that so often - and I have to rush too :)

Although Anisha wasn't there to make us look good, our friend Rohit did a decent job at it.

The Headless Guitar Hero so it seems :)

For more pictures, just Click Here.

Next gig: Zephyr '09, Lokmanya Tilak College of Enginerring, New Bombay. Cya there...



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