Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chapter II begins...

Okay people, here comes a big announcement. You’ll soon be able to download the first Prayag album, Chapter I, for free.

Yes, we have almost decided to give away our earlier tracks up for free downloads on our website and various other places.

And, we have started recording our new album!

We laid down some tracks for few of the freshly composed songs last Sunday, thanks to our friend and remarkable sound engineer Abhishek Ghatak and his students Ravi and Rahul.

We’ll keep you posted on the free downloads and new album story, but in the meanwhile, here are some pictures of a madness – (check out Viru’s morphed dancing on YouTube) and hard work filled day (12 hours at a stretch), and most of us had not slept the night before -- from the studio!



Catch you soon.


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robin said...

Hi Rahul, and the gang. I like the instrumental sections. thanks. cheers. keep going. lets have more.