Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is it!

This is it. This is where Prayag charts its own course. This is when we say ‘up yours’ to the mainstream.

For those of you familiar with our story, you know that we’ve toiled like dogs, playing concerts across India, saving up, recording an album. We had the usual dreams, you know the drill -- video, acclaim, blah, blah.

While we’ve won over fans by the hundreds wherever we’ve played, it seems the record companies don’t want our music. So everytime you asked us, where can we buy your album, we were forced to say, 'soon, soon'.

Yes, the record companies -- a fast vanishing breed globally, (thank God) want the remixes. Yes they want the pseudo desi formulas with jhatkas and matkas and props. But they want gimmicks, not music.

They are not ready for full on, in your face music yet.

So, after a couple of years of trying to woo fat cat execs who would not know good music if it danced naked in front of them, Prayag has decided to do away the barrier of a record company between us and you, our fans.

From now, it’s us and you. Whatever we produce, comes straight to you -- music, videos, whatever, minus any mediators...

To start with, we are giving away all our songs from our first album Chapter - I , for free to you.

The songs will be available for download at our Website and various other places very soon.
Tell everyone you know to download the songs. Spread the music, spread the word, and spread the message of Rock 'N Roll.

Only one request, don't GIVE the songs to your friends, tell everyone to download from the sites mentioned. We need your support on this one, because we are trying to fight the system -- the system that lies to the world that India listens to nothing but recycled trash.

On that note of freedom, we are also mighty kicked to announce that we will be rocking Kyra Theatre in Bangalore as India celebrates Independence Day, August 15. Gates open 7 pm, we fire up at 8.

This one is extra special. This is our first Bangalore gig. And we can’t wait to win over India’s Information Technology hub with our music. Be there. You can buy tickets online HERE

Watch this space!


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