Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bandra rocks, Prayag style

Talk about hectic schedules!

In between the album recording – which is now over, we are happy to inform you -- we had a fun time playing at the Celebrate Bandra festival at the scenic Reclamation waterfront in Mumbai on November 23. And that itself was a miracle.

All of us were dog tired with the gruelling office-recording-gig 26-hour-day schedule we have been keeping lately, and to top it off, we had just 10 minutes to soundcheck while the other band, Swarathma, got an hour and a half.

Not their fault, really, and the folk-rockers from Bengaluru are very nice guys and good musicians, but -- as we are tired of saying -- the organisers of such events should clearly demarcate soundcheck times and see to it that the schedules are adhered to.

But all that was forgotten as we charged through a one-hour, all original set. The highlight of the evening were a bunch of kids jumping around on stage. Sumit was overheard muttering that if any of them stepped on his pedals he would chuck them into the Arabian Sea, yards away.

Before we go, don’t forget to look for our album Udaan, which should be in stores before you enter into 2010.

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As always, here are a few pictures taken by a fan-cum-friend, Meenaz Lala.


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