Monday, April 5, 2010

has been nominated in 2 categories at one of Asia's biggest independent music awards AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards):

Best Rock Song - Bas Karo
Best Rock Vocalist - Pranab

We are humbled by this.

Thank you everyone at AVIMA and YOU, our supporters who've always stood by us.

(Click on the link below for the press release and all nominations)

Voting starts on the 8th of April. Stay tuned!


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Friday, February 26, 2010

A first we would rather not have

We feel extremely bad for the super-nice guys at Sardar Patel College of Engineering, but we just had to call off our gig after one-and-a-half songs yesterday at their fest, which we were headlining.

The sound was just pathetic. Onstage, we couldn’t hear a note we were playing, and on top of that the soundman was, to put it mildly, an uncooperative nincompoop.

It has never happened before, and hopefully this cancelled show will go out as a message to organizers.

Please don’t compromise on the sound. That is the lifeblood of a performance.


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drishti '10, Symbiosis, Nashik

We're back from Nashik - Swapnil's home town, and still reeling under the power that we experienced in the audience there.

There is so much happening right now that we'll need some time before we can get blogging regularly again.

Watch this space, and hope you've picked your copy of UDAAN already :)


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Udaan songs

1. Bas Karo

Lyrics: Rohan. Music: Sumit
The terrorised Indian’s cry of anguish to the government: Enough is enough

2. Langoor Gaya Sheher Dekhne

Lyrics and music: Swapnil
A critique of human ‘civilisation’, from a monkey’s perspective

3. Kal Akele

Lyrics and music: Pranab Gohain
A song on life, as we’ve known it.

4. Daud

Lyrics and music: Swapnil
Life’s rat race, we all have to run it, or do we?

5. Udaan

Lyrics and music: Swapnil
Who says you can’t fly? Here’s how.

6. Kehdo Kabhi

Lyrics: Pranab, music: Sumit
Surprise, surprise, a love song!

7. Raaste

Lyrics: Pranab, music: Kiran Roy
The anthem of youth, about the rocky road ahead

8. Naya Savera

Lyrics and music: Swapnil
Lucid dreams of a better tomorrow.

Spread the wings of your dream, and let the fire in your gut help you take flight!

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Album artwork

We had exactly 12 hours to come up with something - so an SOS phone call to our friend Ashish Mistry at 11:00 PM and a vague brief - and this is what we had in our inbox the next morning.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The CD - first look!

As we held a small stack UDAAN CDs for the first time last evening, we trembled. Then said to ourselves - 'To all those who will like this album - Thanks. Pray we keep going till we can.

And to all those who will say this is not their 'Scene', EFF YOU! We reached here before you. And we're only going to run faster from here. In all directions' :)

Thanks for all the love. Hell YEAH!

Team Prayag.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The wait is over!

After two weeks of sleepless nights, fighting over details and sound-fatigue, our album Udaan is ready for take-off. You can find small clips up for preview at

Please do post your feedback on the songs on that page. And watch out for the album at a store near you soon!


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Official Homepage
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